Summer is just around the corner

Hi Guys

Hope you are all keeping well. It feels like a good time to update my blog and let you all know what is going on.

Firstly, we can’t ignore the rising cost of living. Although everything is becoming more expensive ( electric and all of our ingredients), for as long as we can, we will keep our prices the same. To help you we’ve also reduced delivery prices with local delivery FOC for orders over set values. Delivery further afield is also reduced for orders over certain values. You can view our delivery information here.

Our website has had a number of small updates. You can now search our products and we’ve also added some nested menus on the homepage, so if you’re looking for birthday treats or vegan cakes, the list of products can be sorted from the main menu.

Our Baker’s packs (the creative essentials) have been going down a storm. Thank you to all you bakers out there, not only in the UK either. A number of you in the USA and EU have had bouquet wrapping packs expressly delivered and the feedback has been fantastic. It is by far the easiest way for baker’s to shop for the materials to make their own cupcake displays.

We have added our number boxes in a flat pack format so they are cheaper to ship. The main issue with the boxes is that although they are incredibly light, they are large and cost a fortune to post. The flat pack versions are much more economical and also viable for overseas shipping.

Since my last blog, we added a new cake product to our website. Called ‘The Cross’ (for obvious reasons) it is a display of 24 cupcakes in the form of a cross. We have supplied this for a number of funerals lately and the product has been very well received.

Enough of sad occasions though –


We have supplied cakes for a fair few weddings lately. I’ve attached a couple of pictures. Today I read a lovely post from one of our customers who had purchased 48 individually boxed cupcakes as wedding favours.

Cupcake Favours in individual boxes

Lisa said on Instagram, “How amazing they were. What a fantastic talent you have these were so well received, so many compliments, they just looked so special at the table settings taking centre stage, every single one was a mini masterpiece ❤❤❤

Thank you Lisa. I am so glad you liked them.

Boxed Wedding Cupcakes


We recently added a tutorial to our website on number box making. Hopefully you guys are finding it useful.

We have more to come. Over the coming weeks/months we will add tuition videos on cupcake making and wrapping. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see, let us know.


Booking Dates for August Are Now On Our Website

Last but certainly not least – we have added a note to the website about summer availability. Just a heads up that the spaces for summer cupcakes are filling up nicely. Thank you sooo much all of you who have placed an order. But I don’t want to see anyone miss out. Ordering in advance fixes your price and you can take advantage of low cost delivery options. 

Thank you all, customers old and new. We hope to see you soon!