The first Tickled Fancies Blog Post!

Hi there!!


Well folks, it’s been an amazing 2 years. The country is slowly getting back to normal and here at Tickled Fancies we have been extremely busy.

Thank you everyone for your support and orders, your lovely reviews, and social media likes and shares. Every one counts and I’m so grateful to you all.

So what’s happening here?

Website Update!

The website has had a major overhaul and hopefully now you will find it intuitive to use and very easy to get what you want from our pages. All feedback has been carefully considered and we have tried to accommodate every wish

Do have a look through the website as we are adding new products all the time. We also introduced some discounts and lowered the cost of delivery. My hubby is now working with me full time. He can’t make cakes so we will undoubtedly see more and more on the web, and also delivery is now possible all week.

New postables!

Everything on  has always been collect only. We now have a section for all you keen bakers out there. We are striving to make your lives easier with our wrapping packs and cake bags / boxes. I’ve tried to be as competitive as possible, so all prices include delivery. I will try to combine postage wherever possible, so if the web has overcharged you for delivery I will assess the cost and refund the difference.

We are also investing in printing equipment, so expect to see merchandise and gifts appear very soon.

Social Media

As always, I've been keeping the world updated on social media. Quite excited at the moment as one of my reels on Instagram is going viral. Currently it has 1.4 million views. Keep sharing everyone !! 


Almost on TV

Tickled Fancies supplied cakes for Ellie Taylor to celebrate the end of filming on The Great Pottery Throw down, shown recently on Channel 4. The show was filmed not far from us here at Tickled Fancies. Unfortunately the cakes were edited out of the final cut. I believe the program is going over to the USA. It's great fun. If you see it, give it a watch.


Ellie Taylor Shows of her Tickled Fancies cakes

I hope your 2022 is going well and hopefully much better than 2020/1. Keep an eye out for my next blog post.

See you soon,