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Tutorial 010 - Digital add on

Tutorial 010 - Digital add on

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Limited Time Introductory Price just £15.00.  

We have over the last couple of years had the good fortune to make our customers Number Style Cake Boxes for the display of cupcakes for anniversaries and the like.

In doing this, we have made many numerical cupcake boxes. We made all the mistakes and experienced the successes. 

If you are starting out, planning to make your own boxes, or maybe you've tried and failed, this video will explain the method, with hints and tips on how to make professional boxes that you can resell or use for your own cupcake displays.

If you are planning to use our flat pack numbered cupcake box kit, this video will help you make the best of the kit, and also set you on the path to reproducing your own, should you wish to use our kits as templates.

If you purchase this tutorial and you’d like to use the Flat Pack figures as templates as mentioned in this tutorial, you are free to use the discount code templates10 in the checkout for a 20% discount on the figures and I will supply them as templates, ready made for your use. This discount only applies to purchasers of the tutorial. 


This is a digital download video. The file will be downloadable once checkout is complete. Look out for an email confirming payment and instructions. The download link will be in the email.

As this is an electronic document, no refunds can be made once you have purchased.

Format : MP4

Running Time : 28 minutes

File Size : 820MB

Release date : 29th April 2022


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By purchasing this product I understand that I must download the file within 14 days of purchase. I agree to use the file, it’s content or any material within for my own personal use only. I agree that I will not share this material with any other party.

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